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i was gonna reblog that fanart but you made them too pale: a novel

i wanted to rec your fanfic but you described the racially ambiguous main character as having pale skin and blond/red hair: the movie based on the novel.

i wanted to reblog your photoset but it curiously omitted every person of colour; the spin off tv series

i was so into your ensemble fic but every character of color was either made into a villain, killed off, or inexplicably absent: the two-hour christmas special

i wanted to give you kudos on your fanfiction but your exercise in semiotic democracy manifests as minority erasure: a meta-analysis of the current literature

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Shut you up real fast.

Damn girl

This is similar to the cautioning of cisgender lesbians and gay men: “Why remove the possibility of biological children from your future?” Though, of course, there is nothing to keep sexually viable lesbians and gay men from having biological children. It’s not even true that all trans people would need to forfeit having biological children.

That’s the main thing, other than the body policing, that I don’t like about this snippet. There is biological essentialism inherent in both of their arguments. Hoda Kotb, the don’t-decide-too-early one, says that trans kids cannot have biological children, but many trans people do not seek surgery that would take away their ability to have biological children. [In the context of the show, it made sense, as the little girl featured was not happy with her penis. Nonsurgery transgender people are often forgotten in segments like this, and by cis people in general.

Not all trans adolescents are fighting against puberty. Some are fighting against a society that will not accept them unless they are femininity or masculinity personified. It would be nice to see a show about them. About correcting people’s pronoun choice constantly, or more futilely trying to get people to use agendered pronouns. Maybe a show about the varied nature of gender expression that doesn’t completely other trans people. It could show that while transgender is a distinct identity, there is a great deal of overlap with cisgender people who are maybe genderqueer, nonbinary, or something, but they do not identify as trans.

I just have a lot of feelings.

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